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Green screen is a technique used to insert a backdrop or background into a video where there originally was none. The reason people typically use the color green is because it doesn't match any natural skin tone or hair color, so no part of an actor will be edited out through chroma key. However, when a person or a required object in the foreground is green (or simply wearing green), a blue screen can be used, instead. In the following samples, it should be stated that because these are my personal YouTube videos, minimal effort was used in masking the fact that a green screen was used, especially in the comical character skit entitled Idiocracy (lovingly named after the film of the same title). In that video, one of my characters, Betsy Homemaker, is using a green oven mitt. I could've used a mitt of another color, but thought it could only add to the humor if the mitt were see-through.

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