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When a client has video footage, but isn't certain how to condense it to a timeframe suitable for a specific group of viewers (like friends, family, children, anyone on-the-go, etc.), that's where I step in. In the following example, I pieced together photo and video files to match the music requested by the client. This delightfully charming bride and groom didn't have a videographer at their wedding, so their close friend Chelsea reached out to me in hopes of surprising them with this video. She sent over a large number of files, many of which I needed to edit individually. For example, in the family photos, the photographer did not use a tripod, so I needed to align each photo perfectly. Sometimes, that meant carefully cropping out the entire family to match the background of the previous shot. This created a seamless transition between photos that is so much easier on the eye. I also needed to steady the shaky cell phone footage in many of the video clips. You might notice some subtle bends and bumps in a few spots. These were unavoidable as the original clip was so shaky that some of the frames were unrepairable. I put a lot of time and love into every video I create, but this one was especially fun and I'll always consider it my favorite slideshow project.

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