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Photo & Video Editing, Directing, Visual Effects, Photography, Sound Mixing, [Script] Writing, Session Vocalist, Live Jazz Performance, and Private Instructor of all of the above.

Freelance Video Editor

1994 - present

​I began editing videos as another, more primary hobby at age 14 using two VCR's, a VHS camcorder, and a stereo system. My creations were mainly music videos, comedy skits, and replicas of recent horror films and psychological thrillers, such as The Good Son, with the use of my friends who were willing to become my actors. In 2009, I began editing with Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, then later upgraded to Final Cut Pro X and, in 2015, Adobe Premiere Pro. Today, I strictly work with Adobe products and work with a wide variety of clients in the creation of independent films, music videos, wedding videos, video blogs, commercials, promotional material, and so much more.

Freelance Photo Editor

1994 - present

I began editing photos as a hobby at age 14 using Adobe's earliest photo editing software. During that time, I also began scanning old photos and learning the art of restoration. Fast forward 10 years and I began working for the Free Fiona Apple campaign to release her album, Extraordinary Machine, creating advertisements and promotional materials for the site. In 2007 I began designing advertisements and flyers for businesses, local artists, as well as designing CD covers for bands all over the United States. Today, I continue to edit and restore photos for clients around the world.

Freelance Vocalist - CLICK

2004 - present

In 2004, I was recruited into a psychedelic surf-rock band based out of Auburn, AL. We drew in very large crowds, selling-out the majority of our performances. From 2005 - 2006, I auditioned for and was chosen as the lead vocalist of a 20-piece jazz band, which also awarded me a full-tuition scholarship to continue studying music at Central Alabama Community College. In 2006, I joined another Auburn-based band, this time, a rock band that sold-out every show and later relocated to Seattle, WA where we were approached by management and selected as the 1st Place Winner of Battle of the Bands. ​This project was reluctantly halted the moment I became severely ill and debilitated by Lyme Disease in 2008. After this, I continued singing as a session vocalist & recording in local studios. I've recorded backing vocals for Secret Chiefs 3, including a track with Mike Patton, and lead vocals for Sam Wheelock, the artist formerly known as Shawn Wilcox. I've also been a wedding singer and continue to record homemade tracks while accepting the occasional session gig. I am currently in the midst of working on a new project for an upcoming studio album.

Freelance Photographer - CLICK

​2011 - present


I began experimenting with photography as a hobby in 1993. I loved using disposable cameras, and would often find hacks for creating manual filters - such as placing various shades of sunglasses over the camera lens. For years, I found joy in documenting my many cross-country travels through photography. In 2011, I was gifted a DSLR camera by a friend who understood my passion and hoped it would help restore some lost joy while in the throes of Lyme treatment. I instantly began creating art portraiture with "trade for print" models while attending photography courses at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (see below). I became a regular photographer for internationally acclaimed music groups like Atomic Ape and Secret Chiefs 3 and, through this work, was granted the credentials to shoot The Flaming Lips at Asheville's Moogfest in October 2011. I later delved into family photography for a short period until realizing that my passions lie within the realms of art, commercial, design, landscape, live music, and most recently, night photography (stars, galaxy, etc.).

YouTuber - CLICK

​2015 - present


After losing my ability to work a scheduled 9-5 job due to a 10-year battle with late stage, chronic Lyme Disease, I chose to use my love of editing and comedy to busy myself with a project that keeps me in a constant state of practice while bringing others (and myself) a bit of joy to their day.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

​2011 - 2012


​I completed Photography I & II with perfect scores and the honor of being chosen as one of three students to have their photographic works on display at a local gallery.


One of these portraits was also selected for publication in Photographer's FORUM Magazine's book Best of Photography 2012. Over 12,000 photographs from the United States and Canada, as well as 60 other countries worldwide, were considered for publication and only 13% were given the honor. - CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE IMAGE

Central Alabama Community College

​2005 - 2006


I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to attend CACC on behalf of my work with a local 20-piece jazz band.​ I studied Music History, Jazz Ensemble, and Speech (to improve my stage presence). 


While I do have additional education, I have chosen to limit what is listed here to only those pertaining to the relevant topics of interest. In 1998, I attended CACC on a web design scholarship and transferred to the University of South Alabama in the year 2000. 

I no longer work in freelance web design (gave this up in late 2015) to focus strictly on photo, video, & music endeavors.


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